Evening Classes Starting January 2022 for Graduate Programs

“I hate my job”.

“I need a career change”.

“I have no time to go back to school to focus on what I really want to do”.

Does this sound like you?  Are you looking for a change in your career but have no time to squeeze it in?

If you’ve said “yes” to any of the above, Trillium College has some exciting news to share.

Starting in January 2022, evening classes will begin for our Graduate Programs along with Business Management, Supply Chain Management & Logistics and Video Game Design. 

These programs will still be offered in the daytime, but to make them more accessible for working people and families, we have decided to offer them in the evenings too.

Gone are the days of being stuck forever in a job you don’t enjoy or feeling trapped at the bottom of the corporate ladder.  With Trillium College, you can literally keep up with your day job and providing for your family while working towards your new career in the evenings.

Our programs will run Monday to Friday from 6-10pm, all online and no weekends; which means that it is now within your grasp to make the changes you want to make and level up you career while still being able to work full-time or juggle your daily responsibilities.

Imagine being able to enjoy dinner with your family and then changing into your comfy clothes to take the first step to a brand new future, all from the comforts of your home. 

Our days are full; an income is a necessity; being there for your family is a priority but at the end of the day, what about you?

So, if you’ve dreamed about making a career change, or need to upgrade your skills to get that promotion, Trillium College is here to help.

Evening classes are filling up quickly, so contact one of our Career Coaches to find out more.

5 Rewarding Benefits of Our Massage Therapist Program

5 Rewarding Benefits of Our Massage Therapist Program

If you are someone who enjoys helping others, wants to make a difference, has patience, and is a kinesthetic learner, then this may be the program for you. Becoming a massage therapist has many rewarding benefits that can lead to a fulfilling and successful career!

Here are five reasons why you should become a Massage Therapist today.

One: Hands-On Experience

While learning in-class, students gain an incredible amount of knowledge that aids in their skills applications while working closely with their instructors. Besides the in-depth training, students also get to experience working with the public in student clinics and learn to network at community outreach events. As a result, students have ample practical experience to begin working as a massage therapist.

Two: Designated Title

Upon meeting and completing all of their program requirements, Trillium College forwards successful graduate names as a recommendation to apply to challenge the provincial certification examination. Upon passing, students can gain licensure with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). Once registered with the CMTO as a regulated health practitioner, they can use the protected title RMT or MT. 

Three: Work Environment

Massage therapists can choose to work in a variety of places.

Here are a few examples of where an RMT may find employment in:

  • Home Practice
  • Multi-disciplinary clinics
  • Hotels/ cruise ships / destination resorts
  • Fitness centers
  • Mobile massage therapy

Four: Well Rounded Understanding of the Human Body

Students who enroll in Trillium’s Massage Therapy program have the opportunity to understand the body as a whole, creating a robust scientific basis to make truly informed decisions for treating clients and their own physical and mental health. 

Five: Helping Others

Many massage therapists commit to creating a positive and supporting environment for themselves and others. This type of environment and formal training will give you the ability to provide holistic, client-centered treatments. 

If you think studying Massage Therapy is for you, check out The Massage Therapy Diploma Program to find out more details and register today! Or, if you’re having trouble deciding which career path is right for you, chat with one of our Career Coaches who are available any time to discuss your future career. 

Virtual Learning as a Trillium College Student

Virtual Learning as a Trillium College Student

Who would have thought that earning a college diploma would simply require me to log in and learn from home? It’s easy, it’s interesting, and it’s investing in my future, all from the comforts of my living room.

I didn’t have to uproot myself, figure out transportation, or even parking.

I didn’t even have to take on added expenses to buy new clothes or a new backpack… I’ve saved a ton of money by enrolling at Trillium.

My career path is clear, and my future is already looking brighter by simply logging in to my online learning platform.

Four mornings a week, I’m greeted by my instructor, I open up the chat to say hello to my classmates, and the live teaching begins. This wasn’t what I (or any of us for that matter) had planned on for my ‘college years’, but I’m able to remain focused and get my work done, usually while nibbling snacks and wearing my slippers.

Half the time, I only dress from the waist up and keep my pajama pants on for comfort, but I have to remember to turn my zoom video off before I stand up so no one notices. Let me tell you, that is NOT the case for some of my classmates- LOL!

Having a live instructor in a virtual learning environment to deliver all theory-based learning somehow makes the online experience feel like a real, in-person classroom.

Lectures move at a normal pace, and it feels almost as if I have a private instructor since all our computers are muted to keep the lectures free from distraction and background noise until participation is required.

To make it fun, I’ve even started a weekly tally for how many times someone says, “we can’t hear you, you’re on mute.” If I could put a toonie in a bin every time I heard that phrase, I might just be able to buy the college when this is all done.

But all kidding aside, I’ve never been someone who thrives under pressure. I hated when an instructor would call on me, and then all eyes in the classroom would be staring straight at me.

Being at home, being relaxed, and in my own personal space allows me to feel more confident learning the material and doing the assignments and tests.

The bonus is that I will complete my course faster than if I’d gone to a public college, and because of the condensed schedule, I will be able to get out into the workforce a lot faster than if I’d made another choice.

Now, I have yet to see a naked human run through the screen or hear a child singing at the top of their lungs in the background during a lecture like some online blogs profess, but there have been many funny moments as we all adapt to virtual classrooms and the magic that is Zoom.

I am by no means saying this has been a walk in the park. With my loss of part-time employment when the pandemic first hit, I didn’t have extra income or savings to pay for my courses, but my Career Coach helped me realize my tuition was an investment in my future. A Trillium College Student Finance Planner helped me to secure the funding necessary to complete my course; it was so helpful to have someone to help me navigate through all the paperwork. With the schedule being the same start and end times each day, it allows me to take on a part-time job in the evenings, and I don’t feel like I’m falling behind as I know I can fit everything in, including studying.

Another advantage of instructor-led virtual learning and one of the greatest reliefs during this pandemic is that I don’t have to wear a mask, I don’t have to wash my hands ten times an hour, and I’m 100% safe in my own home.

When my alarm goes off every morning, I simply head downstairs, pour a bowl of cereal and make myself a coffee while I boot up my computer and log in. Sure there have been times where the instructor will talk for a few minutes only to realize his mic was muted, or someone accidentally spills coffee on their keyboard and lets out a shriek of horror, but by the end of class, we’ve accomplished our learning objectives and that’s what matters most to me.

COVID-19 Update #7

COVID-19 Update #7

This update is to speak to the communication regarding the provincial phased plan to re-opening. 

At this time, post-secondary schools are not part of the re-opening plan, including Private Career Colleges. We will continue to complete our theory elements of the programs online, and all practical elements will be scheduled when permitted to do so. Programs that do not have a practical element will remain online for the foreseeable future. 

We recognize that you may be feeling anxious about the future and would like to have timelines to follow, however, that is not a possibility at this time. 

We will continue to keep everyone updated through our communication channels. Please remember that if there are no immediate communications it is because there have been no changes to any of our plans and there is nothing to share. We appreciate your continued patience and professionalism as we wait for more government approvals.

Returning to School as A Mature Student

Returning to School as A Mature Student

You have been working for a couple of years as a mature adult, but you do not feel satisfied with the work that you are doing or the position that you’re in. You would love to find a career that makes going to work exciting and fulfilling, but you are not sure where to begin. So, what do you do? The thought of returning starting over and going back to class may seem daunting. You may be worried about what others will think of you or if you will succeed. The reality is, returning back to school is not as intimidating as you may think. It is never too late to better yourself and to make a decision that will have a positive and lasting impact on your life.

What are the benefits of going back to school as a mature student?

Returning with Mature Perspective

Mature students returning to obtain education have a positive attitude toward schoolwork. They are looking to get the most out of their formal education. Which means they are more likely to participate in class discussions and to value lessons. Their higher engagement with courses will ensure the retention of class materials and concepts to prepare them for their future better.

Increased Financial Knowledge and Stability

A good portion of their motivation to do well in courses stems from their monetary investment. Most returning mature students are responsible for paying for their education. Do you feel as though your financial situation is a barrier to getting the right training? Trillium College can help you by figuring out funding, scholarships, or financial aid. Call 1.866.661.2070 today to find out how Trillium College can help you afford adult learning courses or a diploma program.

Responsible Decision Making

Trillium College has found that returning mature students are in a better position to succeed in school. Adults are motivated learners who have fewer social distractions than recent high school graduates. They are highly motivated to succeed and to make a change in their lives. Mature students have a better understanding of what the workforce is like and know what they want and do not want.

It Is Never Too Late!

There is no such thing as returning or upgrading your education too late. There are no age limits or restrictions on becoming a student. Our knowledgeable Career Coaches will help you figure out a schedule that will work for you. We know you have a lot to balance, and we are here to help you!

Set up your future for success and don’t settle for a career that has you frequently checking job listings. At Trillium College, our courses prepare you for your career and help you to succeed. We have knowledgeable Career Coaches to offer you help and extra support along the way. Don’t wait, get your career started today with Trillium College!

Trillium College Supports Front Line Heroes

Trillium College Supports Front Line Heroes

What exactly does it mean to be a front line hero in Ontario right now? 

While others are practicing physical distancing and working from home, front liners are going in to work during the global pandemic. The job of a front line worker is considered essential, and they work directly with the public to continue to provide services. Whether they are on the front lines working in health care, at grocery stores, as part of the supply chain system for the province and the country, or any other essential-named jobs, they are all fulfilling fundamental duties that we need. We, along with the rest of the nation, THANK them!

Our front liners are heroic people. 

While most of us are being encouraged to stay home or work from home, front line workers have been called upon to continue working during the state of emergency. Their duties have been deemed essential by the Ontario Government, and society simply cannot function without them. While it makes sense that we cannot imagine hospitals or grocery stores being closed, it is crucial to recognize the sacrifice our front-liners are making to help our communities during uncertain times. 

So, what types of jobs do front liners fulfill?

Here are examples of jobs that many of our Trillium College alumni are fulfilling as front line workers:

Let us honour our heroes. 

Now more than ever, we must do our part to keep our community safe. Following safe protocols saves not only your life but also the people around you, including our front-liners! We have always honoured our graduating students, but we are sending extra positive vibes and support to our alumni front-liners. The Trillium College community is with you!

Are you a Trillium College alumnus working on the front lines or working an essential service job? We want to hear your stories and experience! Reach out to us!

COVID-19 Update #6

COVID-19 Update #6

Trillium College is committed to ensuring the highest level of safety for our Trillium College Community.  

This update is to speak to the communication regarding the province’s allowance for Regulated Health Professions to begin to return to practice.  

Regulatory colleges that govern the 26 regulated health professions are now beginning to share return to work guidelines and best practices.  Trillium College will adopt any of the relevant elements to include them in our return to the classroom plan. Trillium’s plan will include direction from Public Health Ontario, The Chief Medical Officer, the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. These will all have a significant impact on how Trillium will establish the return to campus, classroom, and the reinstatement of all student massage, dental assisting, and esthetics clinics. 

At this point, the provincial green light for these professions to resume practice is only for licensed professionals. The campuses remain closed to the public, and clinics are not operating.  

Unfortunately, we can not predict the unknown or future timelines. However, when it is deemed safe, our goal is to re-open campuses so that students can get back in the classroom and resume their routines. 

We will continue to keep everyone updated through our communication channels.

How to React During A Time of Crisis – COVID-19

How to React During A Time of Crisis – COVID-19

The current global COVID-19 pandemic is a rather peculiar and unique situation for students and people worldwide. There are not too many instances in life where we are asked to slow down and stay in. For many of us over the last few weeks, we went from being busy humans on a schedule to being home-bound with minimal to no human interaction. During a crisis, things are out of our control and can change without any warning and we must adjust accordingly. These are uncertain times. What kind of effect can this have on us? Often without a sense of control, we naturally tend to panic, stress, and worry, but it is completely normal.

Health experts recommend these strategies to react appropriately during a time of crisis:

Stay informed during a crisis

Use reliable sources such as official health and government websites to stay informed with what is happening in your local community. Contradictory information is always being circulated on social media and social media is certainly not an accurate source for COVID-19 updates. While it is important to stay up to date with news, remember to keep it at a limit. Overloading with negative information can lead to increased stress and anxiety. Stay informed when necessary and stay calm.

Focus on yourself and your health

Feel your feelings and be aware of them. Vocalize and explain your feelings to someone you trust, write them down, or even express them through activities. Mental health awareness is key in times of crisis. Focus on your health by being attentive and taking necessary precautions. Practice healthy habits and limit your contact with stress-inducing factors. There are many great practices for mental health available online.

Create a plan with strategy

One of the positive outcomes of the current COVID-19 pandemic is the increased time we have. Use this time to create a plan if you haven’t yet! Keep yourself occupied by writing down tasks, activities, jobs, exercises, and things you generally enjoy doing, then do it. Take the time to explore a hobby that you have always wanted to try, or simply enjoy the outdoors with attention to social distancing. Plan what you will do now and then make an action plan of what the future will hold after we overcome the pandemic. Focus on “the now” and worry about this rest when the time comes.

Take action when necessary

Listen to your body if you think you are not feeling well both physically and mentally. Be aware of the COVID-19 symptoms and monitor yourself accordingly. Seeking help if symptoms occur is necessary. The same is necessary if you are feeling mentally unwell or express feelings of hopelessness.

Here are some signs you might benefit from extra help and support:

  • You can’t think about anything other than coronavirus or the COVID-19 illness
  • Your anxiety interferes in your daily life—for example, you have a hard time doing daily tasks
  • You isolate yourself from others when it isn’t necessary
  • Feeling hopeless or angry about the situation
  • Having a hard time eating or sleeping well
  • Experiencing physical symptoms like constant headaches or stomach pains

We recognize this can be a stressful time and it’s normal to feel worried and anxious. It’s also very common for people to display great resilience during times of crisis! After all, pressure is how diamonds are made. This is a time to come together as a society and stay close emotionally if not physically. As the pandemic continues to unfold, let’s act responsibly and reach out when we need support.

COVID-19 Update #5

COVID-19 Update #5

Trillium College is committed to ensuring the utmost level of health and safety of our students and staff.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have done our very best to make everyone aware of our actions via social media that we have been taking every measure possible to make decisions that will allow us to continue with a high level of education for our students; as a result we are now fully functioning online while our campuses and closed to the public. We want to respect the urgent need for social distancing that has been mandated by both all levels of government in the province.

Since the onset of our communication updates there have been various types of questions as well as opinions and comments on our social media channels; we understand that many people in the Trillium College Community, as well as the general public are looking for more answers about what the future will hold. Unfortunately, we can not predict the unknown or future timelines, but when it is deemed safe, our goal is to re-open campuses so that students can get back in the classroom and resume their routines.

With a student and staff population of over 1,000 people, along with 1000 moving parts, regulations and rules to follow, everyone needs to know that we have mindfully taken the time required to devise responsible and measured plans that best support students, all of our employees as well as the public.

If you still have questions, the best and most appropriate way to gain clarification is 1 on 1; please reach out to your campus director directly. Everyone’s situation and concerns have their own different unique element to it and this is truly the best way for questions to be addressed. We would like to encourage everyone that, instead of asking questions through comment channels on various social media platforms to please pick up the phone and call us directly. Call 1.855.234.2008 and press the campus extension where you attend.

We will continue to keep everyone updated on a mass scale through our communication channels, but only when there is something to share. That means being patient; reasonable decisions are never made quickly or without thought and planning.

This is a time like no other, and we are all in this together. Trust that we review the situation multiple times daily and if changes to any plans are required in order to adapt to the fluidity of the situation, we will do so.

Thank you