COVID-19 Update #5

Trillium College is committed to ensuring the utmost level of health and safety of our students and staff.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have done our very best to make everyone aware of our actions via social media that we have been taking every measure possible to make decisions that will allow us to continue with a high level of education for our students; as a result we are now fully functioning online while our campuses and closed to the public. We want to respect the urgent need for social distancing that has been mandated by both all levels of government in the province.

Since the onset of our communication updates there have been various types of questions as well as opinions and comments on our social media channels; we understand that many people in the Trillium College Community, as well as the general public are looking for more answers about what the future will hold. Unfortunately, we can not predict the unknown or future timelines, but when it is deemed safe, our goal is to re-open campuses so that students can get back in the classroom and resume their routines.

With a student and staff population of over 1,000 people, along with 1000 moving parts, regulations and rules to follow, everyone needs to know that we have mindfully taken the time required to devise responsible and measured plans that best support students, all of our employees as well as the public.

If you still have questions, the best and most appropriate way to gain clarification is 1 on 1; please reach out to your campus director directly. Everyone’s situation and concerns have their own different unique element to it and this is truly the best way for questions to be addressed. We would like to encourage everyone that, instead of asking questions through comment channels on various social media platforms to please pick up the phone and call us directly. Call 1.855.234.2008 and press the campus extension where you attend.

We will continue to keep everyone updated on a mass scale through our communication channels, but only when there is something to share. That means being patient; reasonable decisions are never made quickly or without thought and planning.

This is a time like no other, and we are all in this together. Trust that we review the situation multiple times daily and if changes to any plans are required in order to adapt to the fluidity of the situation, we will do so.

Thank you