Health Programs

Looking for a career in demand now and in the future? Look no further than a rewarding career in Health Care.

This does not mean having to apply to medical schools to become a doctor. With an aging population increasing in size, there is a growing demand for trained professionals to work in a field that has no limitations. Whether you have an entrepreneurial flair and wish to work independently as a Massage Therapist or Esthetician, would love to work in a home setting as a Personal Support Worker or see yourself working in your local Medical or Dental office, Trillium College has a variety of medical programs to get you into a health care career in demand – and FAST. At Trillium College, we’ll help you do what you love, and you will get your medical diploma in less time than you think!

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This diploma program gives you the hands-on training and expertise to perform professional client consultations, facials, hair removal, manicures, pedicures, specialized body treatments and more.


Our diploma program is one of the most in-depth dental assistant programs offered. It gives you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills and experience needed to work competently, effectively and safely as a dental assistant.

Massage Therapy

This program introduces you to a variety of Swedish soft tissue manipulation techniques. You will develop the knowledge and skills to assess clients’ needs and develop treatment plans.


This diploma program gives you the knowledge and practical skills needed to play an important role in promoting community health while working under the direct supervision of physicians, registered medical technologists and other health care professionals.

Medical Office Assistant

Our Medical Office Assistant curriculum provides you with the in-depth training in medical terminology, medical administration procedures and the medical transcription skills needed to effectively support our communities’ medical professionals.


Trillium College delivers the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) program, providing a solid educational base for workers who provide long-term care and support services in both institutional and community settings.

Pharmacy Assistant

Our Pharmacy Assistant program give student the specialization they need to excel in their field. This program is designed to train students to be community pharmacy assistants in order to support and assist pharmacy technicians and pharmacists with day-to-day tasks.