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Trillium College will prepare our graduates to enter the trades.

All Registered Colleges, including us, provide a College Certificate upon successful completion.

Trillium Colleges Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship program mirrors the Canadian Standard Level 1 Apprenticeship Program, except an additional 120 hours is applied for hands-on practical training. By following the same curriculum, we offer seamless integration of the theory and practical.

We instill superior skills development in our students by teaching the program with very experienced Red Seal electricians. As a result, the electrical industry recognizes us for providing the best candidates for apprenticeships. We also offer professional tools and safety equipment/training so that when you hit the construction site, you have your safety credentials and the ability to work independently.

There are few means of gaining experience in the electrical trade due to the Provincial Regulations of the Compulsory Trades. Consequently, Contractors have limited opportunities to determine a candidate’s aptitude and abilities. However, contractors recognize the economic benefit of our program as traditional apprenticeships require that you have a Journey-person assigned to you during your first three months while you learn the basics of the trade; this is the primary reason for their reluctance to take on new apprentices and the purpose of a pre-apprenticeship. In addition, by working independently from day 1, you eliminate the economic penalty that most apprentice applicants bring to their door.

Contractors also appreciate the level of our training as demonstrated by the quality of the work of our students. By having contractors visit our facility, they see firsthand the excellence of our candidates, which perpetuates successful placements.

Electrician Pre Apprenticeship

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Electrician Pre Apprenticeship

Trillium College’s Electrician Pre-Apprenticeship program is a trade program that gives you the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experience needed to work competently, effectively and safely in the trade as an Electrical Apprentice


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