Admissions Process for Students in Canada

Step 1 – Connect with a Career Coach for more information

You have a number of options in order to select your program of choice for your new career.

  • Fill out this form to book an information session and speak to a Career Coach about your program, funding options and career path.
  • Contact Trillium College via email or phone. A Career Coach will then contact you so that an information session can be booked.
  • Visit one of our four campuses to meet with a Career Coach for a one on one information session.

Step 2 – Take Part in an Information Session

  • Your information session is held via an online meeting or face to face at one of our campuses.
  • Bring questions that you want answered in your information session.  We will provide you information about your program: tuition costs, funding options, start date, career options, teaching methodology, skillsets acquired and life/education balance. 
  • A specialist in Student Financial Planning will talk to you about all funding options available to you. 

Step 3 – Funding Confirmation Appointment

  • Your Career Coach or you can book your funding confirmation appointment in your information session.
  • The funding confirmation appointment is held via an online meeting or in campus.
  • Your Student Financial Planner would have provided you with a list of required documentation for processing your funding. If possible, bring any required documentation to your funding confirmation appointment.
  • You are able to complete your funding approval during the funding confirmation appointment.

Step 4 – Enrol into Trillium College

  • Your Career Coach or you can book your Enrolment into Trillium College.
  • The Enrolment into Trillium College is held either via an online meeting or in campus.
  • Identification will be required during the enrolment process.

Begin your classes!