5 Rewarding Benefits of Our Massage Therapist Program

If you are someone who enjoys helping others, wants to make a difference, has patience, and is a kinesthetic learner, then this may be the program for you. Becoming a massage therapist has many rewarding benefits that can lead to a fulfilling and successful career!

Here are five reasons why you should become a Massage Therapist today.

One: Hands-On Experience

While learning in-class, students gain an incredible amount of knowledge that aids in their skills applications while working closely with their instructors. Besides the in-depth training, students also get to experience working with the public in student clinics and learn to network at community outreach events. As a result, students have ample practical experience to begin working as a massage therapist.

Two: Designated Title

Upon meeting and completing all of their program requirements, Trillium College forwards successful graduate names as a recommendation to apply to challenge the provincial certification examination. Upon passing, students can gain licensure with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). Once registered with the CMTO as a regulated health practitioner, they can use the protected title RMT or MT. 

Three: Work Environment

Massage therapists can choose to work in a variety of places.

Here are a few examples of where an RMT may find employment in:

  • Home Practice
  • Multi-disciplinary clinics
  • Hotels/ cruise ships / destination resorts
  • Fitness centers
  • Mobile massage therapy

Four: Well Rounded Understanding of the Human Body

Students who enroll in Trillium’s Massage Therapy program have the opportunity to understand the body as a whole, creating a robust scientific basis to make truly informed decisions for treating clients and their own physical and mental health. 

Five: Helping Others

Many massage therapists commit to creating a positive and supporting environment for themselves and others. This type of environment and formal training will give you the ability to provide holistic, client-centered treatments. 

If you think studying Massage Therapy is for you, check out The Massage Therapy Diploma Program to find out more details and register today! Or, if you’re having trouble deciding which career path is right for you, chat with one of our Career Coaches who are available any time to discuss your future career.