Trillium College Supports Front Line Heroes

What exactly does it mean to be a front line hero in Ontario right now? 

While others are practicing physical distancing and working from home, front liners are going in to work during the global pandemic. The job of a front line worker is considered essential, and they work directly with the public to continue to provide services. Whether they are on the front lines working in health care, at grocery stores, as part of the supply chain system for the province and the country, or any other essential-named jobs, they are all fulfilling fundamental duties that we need. We, along with the rest of the nation, THANK them!

Our front liners are heroic people. 

While most of us are being encouraged to stay home or work from home, front line workers have been called upon to continue working during the state of emergency. Their duties have been deemed essential by the Ontario Government, and society simply cannot function without them. While it makes sense that we cannot imagine hospitals or grocery stores being closed, it is crucial to recognize the sacrifice our front-liners are making to help our communities during uncertain times. 

So, what types of jobs do front liners fulfill?

Here are examples of jobs that many of our Trillium College alumni are fulfilling as front line workers:

Let us honour our heroes. 

Now more than ever, we must do our part to keep our community safe. Following safe protocols saves not only your life but also the people around you, including our front-liners! We have always honoured our graduating students, but we are sending extra positive vibes and support to our alumni front-liners. The Trillium College community is with you!

Are you a Trillium College alumnus working on the front lines or working an essential service job? We want to hear your stories and experience! Reach out to us!