How do I know which diploma program will suit me?

We have general information on each of our diploma programs on the Trillium College Webpage. We also have Registrars at each of our nine campus locations who will be able to discuss all of the programs Trillium College has to offer.

A career school is a great idea but how will I afford it?

Our Campus Registrars can provide you with all the  information you need regarding financing. You may be eligible for OSAP and even the Government’s career initiatives – the Second Career Program.

I have family commitments, how will I do it all?

Classes at Trillium College run from  Monday through Friday for only four hours a day. Classes are also taught in Modules which means there is only one topic covered at a time. Students will not get overwhelmed with numerous topics. Call us for more details on our diploma class structure.

Is a fall date my only option?

September is no longer the only start date! Trillium College runs year round, so there is often a start date for each diploma program every couple of months.

Would I be lost in a large class?

Most classes at Trillium College average between 10-15 students per instructor; though some classes can get as large as 40. Our instructors will make sure you are not just a number!

Are the instructors qualified?

All of our instructors at Trillium College are fully qualified. They each have many years of working experience in their field of expertise.

How do I get started on my educational goals?

To create a positive change in your life today, call Trillium College at 1.855.234.2008 and speak with one of our Registrars.

I am older than the typical college student. Will I fit in?

A good portion of the students who attend Trillium College are mature students.

Do classes go all day?

Trillium College diploma classes run Monday through Friday, in a half day format. Depending on the course and its start date, the classes are either from 8:30-12:30 or 1:00-5:00.

Are the programs eligible for Government funding? OSAP?

Most of our career training programs at Trillium College are eligible for funding and/or OSAP.

Is there anyone I can talk to about my program options?

Our Campus Registrars are a wealth of information and they can discuss all the diploma programs Trillium College has to offer. Call us to make an appointment with one of our registrars.

Where are the campuses?

Trillium College has 4 different campuses located in the following cities in Ontario: Oshawa, Kingston, Ottawa, St. Catharine’s. Contact us to find out the different programs offered at each campus.

Are there any programs under two years?

Trillium College offers a number of diploma programs that can be completed under two years.

Is there anyone I can talk to about Financial Aid?

All of our Trillium College Campuses have a Financial Aid Representative who can assist you with financing options. There is a financial solution for everyone!

What is the percentage of students who find work following graduation?

Over 85% of Trillium College students find work in their field. Trillium College also has a very dedicated Career Services Team that works very hard to help students find a job after graduation.

Does Trillium College provide the placements?

Trillium College does provide placements for those diploma programs that require one.

Can I attend Trillium College even though I do not have my Grade 12 Diploma?

Yes.  You must however, have a grade 12 equivalent or be a mature student of 18 years of age or older.

Do you graduate Trillium College with a college diploma?

All programs at Trillium College are diploma programs. All Trillium College diploma programs are approved as vocational programs under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Is Trillium College a registered Private Career College?

Yes. Trillium College is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Is there any assistance in finding work following graduation?

Trillium College has a dedicated Career Services Team who assists graduates in finding work following graduation.

Will I be able to handle the workload since I work part time?

Yes. Trillium College diploma classes are structured to run four hours a day for five days a week.

What is the procedure for student complaints?

We encourage you to speak to your instructor if you have any issues or concerns.. If your instructor cannot resolve the issue or concern, please see your Campus Manager. If you are not satisfied after speaking to your Campus Manager, please fill out the following form:  Student Complaint Procedure

Where do your graduates find jobs?

Our graduates find an employment in a variety of areas.