Student Concern Resolution

Trillium College is committed to promptly and equitably resolving all student concerns to the
satisfaction of both the student and the College.

The Student Concern Resolution Process is designed to provide students with informal and
formal processes whereby a student may request the review and resolution of a concern if
satisfactory resolution has not been reached by way of the daily problem-solving activities
between staff and/or instructors and students, which, in most cases, will result in immediate

While student complaints must be submitted in writing, the student has the right to additionally
submit their complaint orally. The student also has the right to have an individual of their
choosing present during all stages of the complaint process, and this individual may submit the oral complaint on behalf of the student.

These are the steps to resolve any issues: 

1. Students must begin by addressing their concern with their instructor.

2. If the issue cannot be resolved with the instructor or if the issue is with their instructor the student can express their concern to their Program Lead, or in the case of their being no access to a Program Lead, the student can address their concern to the Academic & Operations Manager (AOM) via email.

3. If the issue cannot be resolved with either a Program Lead or an AOM, the student should escalate the issue to the Student Experience Manager (SEM) via email.

4. Upon receipt of the email, the SEM will confirm receipt and set up a meeting.

5. At the conclusion of the meeting, the SEM will send a summary of the meeting to the student via email. If there are outstanding or follow up items, they will be documented in
the summary.

6. Upon follow up the SEM will confirm if the issue has been resolved.  If it has not been resolved, the student may escalate their concern through the Trillium College Website. The only website submissions that will be accepted are ones that have previously completed steps 1-5.

7. Go to: and indicate:
– The nature of the concern
– Time and date of occurrence
– Facts surrounding the concern
– The individual(s) involved
– Why they feel the concern was not resolved with the SEM
– Recommended solution

8. The Director will respond (in writing) to the student within five (5) working days of the date of the escalation and provide a summary of the findings and the complaint resolution decision including the reasons for arriving at the decision.

9. A copy of the written communication between the Director and the student will be placed
in the College’s Student Complaint Binder, where it will be kept for a minimum period of
three (3) years.

10. Complaints made through any social media forum will not be acknowledged, as they do
not follow the College’s complaint process.

11. Students that are not satisfied with the resolution of their complaint and attending a program recognized as being protected under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005 may choose to refer the matter to the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges through PARIS, a new automated system. This will assist the Ministry of Colleges and Universities in better serving students by being able to track the complaint easily.

First, please go to this website:

A user guide is available once you register and are able to login.