What to Expect When You Become A Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician

You will be surprised to learn the full job description and duties of a medical laboratory assistant/technician. Expect the unexpected because a day in the life of a medical laboratory assistant/technician will vary from one workplace to another. Here is what you can expect from Trillium College’s Medical Lab Assistant / Technician diploma program, and from a career in this thriving industry.

Our program gives you the knowledge and practical skills needed to play an important role in healthcare. You will be promoting community health while working under the direct supervision of a physician, registered medical lab technologist, or other healthcare professionals. Emphasis is placed on understanding an array of laboratory technician skills. As well as ethical and administrative responsibilities as a medical lab technician. Subject areas covered include specimen procurement, laboratory safety, medical terminology and documentation, infection prevention and control, and many others.

Here is what to expect:

Expect to be able to work as part of a team AND independently

The duties of a medical laboratory assistant/technician can vary depending on where you work. You can expect to work face-to-face with clients as you perform administrative or clinical duties, but you can also expect to work behind closed doors managing laboratory tests too. A great medical laboratory assistant/technician will have the ability to execute both independent and group duties in their workplace. Our Medical Lab Assistant / Technician diploma program provides students with outstanding communication skills to prepare them for both team-orientated duties and independent workplace duties.

Expect to stay very organized and often multi-task

There is a high likelihood that no day will be the same as the next as a medical laboratory assistant/technician. Common duties include; labeling and sorting specimen samples, loading and operating laboratory equipment, collecting blood samples and fluids from patients for testing, performing simple tests on fluids, making chemical solutions, using computers to input data, managing hazardous materials, sterilizing equipment, and more. As you can tell, there are often important tasks and duties that require immediate attention. As a medical laboratory assistant/technician, it is your responsibility to manage and organize your time to ensure your responsibilities are taken care of with attention to prioritization.

Expect to learn a lot and enjoy making a difference in the medical field!

Being a medical laboratory assistant/technician can sometimes be demanding, but it is most certainly worth it. The hard work and dedication will pay off when you know that you are impacting the lives of patients every day. You are playing a crucial role in the medical field and contributing to patient healthcare. The work of a medical laboratory assistant/technician never goes unnoticed!

If you’re interested in becoming a medical laboratory assistant/technician, simply fill out the form below. Start making a difference in healthcare today!