As a graduate of Trillium College’s Video Game Designer program, you may find exciting work as an environment modeler, animator, level designer, mission scripter, game designer, technical artist, QA engineer, writer or storyboarder.

According to, you can earn a median salary of $70k as a Video Game Designer.

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Current Employers of our Video Game Designer Graduates

Alchemic Dream
Intelligent Creatures
Soho VFX
Spin VFX
Vitamin T
Penda Productions Inc
Idea Couture

Video Game Designer Program Description

Trillium College’s Video Game Designer diploma program gives you the fundamental training and skills needed in the field of video game design.  You will gain knowledge in level design, mission scripting, environment modeling, storyboarding, mobile game development, Unity3D, Flash for social gaming, Unreal Engine and Advanced character modeling and animation using 3DS Max/Maya and Mudbox for the creation of ultra-realistic game characters.