If you’re considering coming back to school to become a Network Administrator, we’d like to tell you you’ve made a great choice. And it’s true—you have. Our diploma program, which is 42 weeks long, gives you the knowledge and hands-on skills to plan, install, configure, maintain and secure networked computer systems, as well as write an array of industry-recognized certification exams. It prepares you for work in a growing industry, in an array of technical and specialist positions.

But the reality is, you’re probably going to appreciate the viewpoint of someone who’s “in your shoes” more: someone at your stage of life who’s experienced our program, or who has decided to pursue network administration as a career. This is where the importance of Trillium College reviews comes in…

Below are some of the questions we often hear from people like you—people who are considering a job in network administration, and who want to know more about our program. And following each question you’ll find Trillium College reviews real graduates have offered, following their experiences working towards our Network Administrator diploma. Read on, and call us at 1.866.661.2070 if our Trillium College reviews leave you with any questions, today.

Prospective Student: Am I too old to go back to school, or become a Network Administrator?

Trillium College Review: “When I started the Network Administrator program at the age of 56, I felt like I was behind the eight ball. My instructor, Rick McMaster, assured me that all would work out and he put me at ease. All the modules went smoothly and I passed with flying colours. Without Trillium College I would not have a future. I am on my way to better places now.”

– Serge Krisman, Network Administrator program graduate

Prospective Student: I’m interested in computers, but don’t know much about them. Does this mean I shouldn’t enrol in Trillium College’s Network Administrator program?

Trillium College Review: “I came to Trillium College knowing only how to turn a computer on. Thanks to Rick McMaster, the instructor teaching the Network Administrator course, I can now repair and/or build almost any computer system, and I also understand how everything works in computing and networking. I owe Rick and Trillium College a great deal of gratitude for all my career successes.”
– Serge Krisman, Network Administrator program graduate

Prospective Student: What are the instructors like in the Network Administration program?

Trillium College Review: “The staff members are outgoing, friendly and dedicated to seeing you succeed. My instructor, Rick McMaster, pushed me to not only believe in myself and my abilities, but also to succeed at all that I do. I owe him a great debt of gratitude and respect.”

– Shanna Miller, Network Administrator program graduate

Prospective Student: What if it’s too hard? Maybe I shouldn’t try…

Trillium College Review: “My experience here at the college as been beyond my original expectation. After three years of trying to succeed at other colleges my success here has—although tough and at times downright stressful—been the most rewarding in my educational career.”

– Shanna Miller, Network Administrator program graduate

Prospective Student: How can Trillium College’s Network Administrator program help me reach my career goals?

Trillium College Review: “Throughout the past 42 weeks I have learned more than just how to take care of a computer network. Rick has taught the class what it is to be a professional and go above and beyond the call of duty. The program itself has prepared me to follow the goal that I had set for myself when I started the course: to have the knowledge and ability to open my own computer business. Taking this course would benefit anyone who is thinking about a career in the IT field.

– Ryan Clapper, Network Administrator program graduate

Prospective Student: Coming to back to college seems scary. I’ve heard big post-secondary institutions treat you like a “number”!

Trillium College Review: “I found that in the larger colleges I attended I was treated more like a number, whereas here at Trillium College everyone made it a personal goal to learn my name. This attention to detail made a difference each and every day.”

– Shanna Miller, Network Administrator program graduate

It’s never too late to come back to school. While it’s important to keep learning in pursuit of our career goals, however, seeking out the right learning experience is an important step. Trillium College reviews help prospective students benefit from our graduates’ knowledge base. Who knows, but maybe you’ll be able to offer your own Trillium College review soon!

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