Whether you’re experienced in it or not, accounting and payroll is beneficial and a great skillset to have.

You enjoy financing, you’re good with numbers, you want to do bookkeeping, you’re experienced in administrative work, or maybe you’re simply interested in accounting and payroll. There are many reasons you may want to consider a career in accounting and payroll. Whatever reason that may be, accounting and payroll provides great opportunities, amazing benefits and skills, especially at times that you probably wouldn’t expect.

Can you think back to a time when you wish you would have known something? You think to yourself, ‘having or knowing this skill would be so useful right now’, or ‘I wish would have learned this earlier’. This is definitely something that can occur in accounting and payroll because these skills become so useful and significant in times that we would not be so quick to think of. Here is a list of situations when accounting and payroll skills come in very handy:

Start-up companies.

This one is a money-saver. As an entrepreneur, money is definitely always on your mind. It’s really useful to be in charge of all finances and transactions rather than having someone else do this. Ultimately, this can be a personal choice also. It saves the worry and risk of errors. Knowing how to file your own taxes and doing payroll are perfect ways to use these skills as an entrepreneur/small business owner. It’s also important to remember the responsibility behind these jobs. It’s an important job to do and you definitely don’t want to make any mistakes in payroll and tax filing.


Creating, making and maintaining budgets can be done through many industries. Though it can be electronically done as well, money management is always an important and in-demand job. Companies and corporations rely on you to help them with finances. A popular strategy is saving money and there’s actually many ways to do this. Some quick tips to give an idea of how to avoid errors in budgeting is by keeping receipts all year, keeping track of money, using a spending sheet, deducting expenses accurately.

Looking for a work-from-home job.

An up-rising job in the field of accounting and payroll is jobs from homes. There are many companies who hire remotely because of the flexibility of the job. Often, companies will have someone do payroll once a week or for a few days for a few hours. If the job isn’t manually done, it is also done through software that companies use for payroll. This is definitely something to consider if you are someone who wants to look for flexibility in your career.

Life is filled with so many paths and doors that we never know where we may end up. The future is never certain, and each day is new. It’s exciting, yet scary, but mostly exciting because you’re always in charge of your own story.  Whether you change your career or a lifestyle, you always get to be in control. Life brings us to places that we sometimes wouldn’t expect, but we ultimately have to stay prepared. Ultimately, Trillium College can help you no matter where you want to go or where you end up. Let’s talk about your goals and a career today.