How to Shine as a Personal Support Worker

Have you ever considered becoming a personal support worker?  I have, and after much reading and research, this is what I have learned, and I would love to share how to shine as a PSW with you…

A career in Personal Support Work looks both exciting and rewarding. No two days at work will ever be the same; I love that! Despite what seems like possible challenges that I could face in my job, it looks like an extremely fulfilling option where you can shine with potential. PSWs make a world of difference in the lives of their clients each day by providing them with the support they need. A helping hand, emotional support, and some company. Many clients look to their PSW’s for human interaction and for someone to chat with.

I believe that being a PSW is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, there would need to be a lot of effort to find the right balance in this career. However, the people with huge hearts, extraordinary patience and empathy are incredibly successful at becoming certified Personal Support Workers and find happiness and fulfillment from this rewarding career. Many PSWs build lasting relationships with clients and feel a sense of accomplishment in their role. So, how does someone shine in a career as a PSW?

Shine by building meaningful connections with clients.

The key to being a successful PSW is by building professional but also empathetic relationships with clients. Paying attention to a client’s body language, visual, verbal, and non-verbal cues is very important. It will allow you to know if their care plan is meeting their needs. Some clients experience loneliness, especially in long-term or end of life care. You can shine by being a source of companionship and conversation.

Stay positive.

Clients who are around a positive influence are more likely to think positively. Positive thinking has been linked to health benefits such as decreased stress, lowered depression, and an overall better physical and mental well-being. Adjusting your attitude and taking responsibility for how you react in situations can benefit the client’s health (and your own).

Shine by taking time for yourself.

Are you feeling exhausted, stressed, or drained? Being a PSW is a demanding career that requires physical and mental strength and a growth mindset. Always exercising this strength can deplete your energy stores. Remembering to manage yourself and taking the time to rest and refresh, will allow you to perform your job more effectively and continue to shine.

Treat everyone with respect.

Each client has their own story and deserves to be treated with respect. Despite being in a vulnerable position, clients are human beings who have thoughts, feelings, dreams, and aspirations. Respecting your client will ensure client-centred care and mutual respect.

I know I am ready to shine and become a front line hero in a fulfilling career as a Personal Support Worker, are you? Join an industry that is in high demand and start caring and supporting those who need it most. As a graduate of Trillium College’s PSW program, you may find employment in a variety of settings, including long-term care facilities, home care agencies, senior citizens’ recreation centers, hospitals, group homes, and respite and palliative care centers. We are thankful for Personal Support Workers who make a difference! Fill out the form below and commit to your new career today!