It’s been years since you were last in school. Actually, you may even have finished high school and thought, “Into the working world I go!” You never imagined you would be considering going back to school or taking adult learning courses. You have passed your teen years, maybe even your twenties, you’re “mature” now. Yet, here you are: your evenings are spent dreaming of a career change. During your lunch hours, you’re perusing online listings for adult learning courses or college programs that can help you get the job of your dreams.

So you’re ready to become a student again, but can you handle it? Of course you can, because mature students – Trillium College has found – often come back in a stronger position to achieve success in the halls of academe. Here’s why adults, whether they’re taking adult learning courses or full college programs, tend to make the most of their return to college life:

Mature students know what they want

You’ve spent a few years out in the working world. Also, you’ve simply lived more. These experiences have shown you what you want out of life. They’ve also shown you, however, what you don’t.

Mature students often come back to school with a plan. They have an idea of the job field they’d like to move into, or the specific promotion a diploma will help them acquire. Mature students’ enhanced understanding of their own needs and desires helps them stay focused and on track, whether they’re taking an adult learning course, or an entire program.

They respect life’s opportunities

We’ve all missed a great opportunity at some point in our lives. And we may not have realized the chance we lost until years later. Part of growing up and maturing, however, is coming to recognize a valuable experience when we see one.

Mature students, with the benefit of, at times, painful hindsight and life experience, are better able to value the great opportunity going back to school can be. Many are able to recognize – more clearly, perhaps than an average teen – the learning, enhanced work opportunities, possibilities for promotion and self-respect that a college diploma or adult learning courses can bring.

Returning to school is an investment

It’s a universal truth that daily living costs money. It can be expensive to cover the rent, dental bills for the family and, oh, so much more.

Because going to college can cost money, it requires careful thought and planning. With the reality check of daily payments and bills firmly in place, mature students realize they are putting valuable funds into improving their future situation and as a result, the experience means more to them. If you feel your financial status is a barrier to pursuing education, however, never fear: Trillium College is able to help many students acquire funding, scholarships or financial aid. Call 1.866.661.2070 today to find out how Trillium College can help you afford adult learning courses or a diploma program today.

Attitude is everything

Perhaps, back in high school, you frequently skipped classes, or didn’t see the value of attending school. Then you entered the working world. While it was great to have a paycheque coming in, maybe that paycheque is no longer enough—or maybe you wish you’d valued the knowledge your teachers were trying to impart more.

Mature students tend to have a better understanding of the value of formal education. They have also had the “wake up call” of the working world – and especially of a working world that’s been facing an economic downturn. Mature students, then, tend to be excited to return to school and motivated to make the most of the experience – and this often translates directly into student success.

Are you a mature student who is considering a return to college? Trillium College offers financial aid options, flexible schedules and adult learning courses to help mature students succeed. Also, most of our diploma programs are under a year long. Call 1.855.234.2008 to set up your FREE Career Planning Session, and learn how you can take the first step towards a new career – without disrupting your current one – today!