Reasons You Should Become a Community Service Worker NOW

Trillium College’s Community Service Worker diploma program gives you the knowledge and confidence to help change people’s lives for the better.

The Good News

According to Government of Canada Job Bank Job Market report, employment as a Community Service Worker occupation “has experienced fairly strong growth in Ontario over the last decade.”

According to the report, these workers are “mostly employed in the health care and social assistance sector, mainly with individual and family services, and residential care facilities such as group homes. Public administration, largely local governments, and elementary and secondary schools are also key employers.”

The Better News

Government funding for social programs is the main factor driving job creation for community service workers. Over the next few years, a fair amount of job openings in this field are expected due to increased government investments in social initiatives.

An Upward Trend

Government funding has recently been delegated for developmental services systems to expand existing programs, provide more residential supports and improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities. This translates into a bigger demand for community service workers.

Some of the factors driving employment for the services of these workers are:

  • The province of Ontario has developed a long-term Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Strategy, which means more mental health support for children and youth.
  • There’s been a significant increase in investments in Indigenous communities
  • More funding has been provided for the homelessness strategy generally in Ontario.

Ontario Facts

Here are some key facts, according to Government of Canada Job Bank Job Market report, about social and community service workers in Ontario:

  • Approximately 48,300 people work in this occupation.
  • Social and community service workers mainly work in the following sectors:
    • Social assistance (NAICS 624): 42%
    • Nursing and residential care facilities (NAICS 623): 26%
    • Religious, grant-making, civic, and professional and similar organizations (NAICS 813): 6%
    • Ambulatory health care services (NAICS 621): 6%

Exciting Employment Opportunities

As a graduate of Trillium College’s CSW program, you may find rewarding employment as an addictions support worker, group home support worker, community service worker or shelter support worker in a variety of community facilities and settings.

Within this occupation, individuals working under the title, ‘social service workers,’ are regulated by the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW), which also approves related educational programs.

Career Options

There are many job options open to community service workers. Here’s just a few:

  • Addictions services worker
  • Community health worker
  • Intake worker
  • Rehabilitation care worker
  • Residential counsellor

Make a Real Difference

Want to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life? As a community service worker, you can do that every day. Start now!

Our Community Service Worker diploma program gives you the knowledge, practical skills and confidence needed to create, implement and oversee a variety of social and community-based programs. You will develop skills to assist in client assessment, proper referral procedures, assisting in monitoring clients’ treatments and evaluating treatment effectiveness to help change people’s lives for the better.