Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.
These poignant words, written by famous American poet Walt Whitman, may seem overly cheery to some. But good cheer rarely held a man or woman back in life. And it certainly made living a more enjoyable experience.

Sometimes those interested in adult learning allow a negative mindset to hold them back. With adult learning, as with many of life’s challenges, however, “attitude is everything” – and mature students must learn how to attack restricting thoughts and beliefs head on. Here are some of the negative thoughts that can stifle the pursuit of adult learning, as well as “replacement thoughts” that can help you push towards your career dreams.

Negative Thought #1

-“I’ll never be able to succeed, so what’s the point in trying?”

Positive Replacement
-“I can succeed if I try!”

It can be scary to come back to school and pursue adult learning. You’ve been out of the education world for a long time, and maybe you’re frightened that you just won’t be able to manage. Or perhaps your experiences in high school weren’t the best, and this has left some anxiety about succeeding in the academic world.
Well, the thing is, you won’t even have the opportunity to prove your worst fears are incorrect unless you TRY. Also, many colleges have student advisors, who can help you put your best foot forward as you apply for or start a new adult learning program. In fact, the chances are, you probably have most of the prerequisites to begin the program of your choice, so kick out those self-limiting thoughts, do a little research and reach out to the college of your choice for support as you make impressive steps towards a better life.

Negative Thought #2

-“I could never afford to go back to school!”

Positive Replacement
-“Let me look into financial aid at the college of my choice!”

Adult learners, beware! While financial concerns plague us all, fear of monetary stress can be an unnecessary barrier to your educational pursuits and career advancement.
Sure, professional training costs money – but many colleges offer scholarships, special low-interest loans, bursaries and other access to financial aid. Trillium College, for example, has formed special agreements with certain banks and may offer scholarships with student financial needs in mind.

Negative Thought #3

-“I’m too busy to go back to school.”

Replacement Thought
-“Many colleges support adult learning with flexible scheduling options.”

Life gets busy, and this is a reality. But many colleges are aware of this fact, and cater to adult learning needs. Flexible scheduling, in the form of night or day class options, is something Trillium College offers to help combat the barrier of a busy life when it comes to adult learning.

Negative Thought #4

-“I don’t have the energy for adult learning.”

Positive Replacement
-“Energy is a state of mind.”

Don’t have the energy to go back to college? Worried that you’ll lose your motivation if you enrol in a college program? Well it’s time to get your mojo back.

First, thinking more positively in and of itself will help you live with more energy, and this blog should help with this. Second, resist the bag of chips and another hour spent on the couch and get moving. Go outside. Exercise. Whatever. But get moving, get your eyes beyond a television screen and look to the beauty of the world around you. It’s amazing how choosing to think positively, getting more exercise, eating healthier foods and opening your eyes to new experiences can help bring new ideas and energy into your daily life. With the motivation you’ll gain from a few habit changes, you’ll have the ability to pursue your dreams and take steps in your life that will lead to an improved reality.

Negative Thought #5

-“I don’t have any information about adult learning programs.”

Replacement Thought
-“A quick call or internet search will tell me all I need to know.”

Maybe it seems that a college diploma is out of your reach, simply because you don’t know the processes for application, or what’s involved. Yet, a simple Google search could bring a world of opportunity to your fingertips. Or even better, a call to the college of your choice gives you a personal connection to all the information you need to move forward. Trillium College’s career advisors and admissions reps, for example, can help answer your questions. They can also book you in for a free Career Planning Session today.

References to the “power of positive ideas” or putting “mind over matter” are surely clichéd – but it doesn’t mean they don’t hold truth. If negative thinking is holding you back from adult learning, a college diploma and the career of your dreams, it’s time to re-evaluate your thinking and make a change right away.

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