So you’ve decided you want to go back to college. Why not meet with a knowledgeable college representative who can help answer your questions? It’s time to meet with a Career Coach! Imagine some loud clapping and cheering—because this decision represents your first step towards a new and better life.

Trillium College is glad to have you—and your positive energy—on board.

So you’ve made the decision to change your life for the better, however, what should your next step be? Well, it’s always a great idea to explore the campus of your choice. Each of our campuses have a team of Career Coaches who are eager to help you make great choices for your education. No matter which of our four campuses you choose to visit, meeting with a Career Coach at Trillium College will set you a step ahead for a number of reasons.

Meeting with a Career Coach will allow you to learn more about your future career

From class scheduling, to tuition costs and more, our Career Coaches here to answer all of your questions. Career Coaches can speak with you about your goals, the kinds of employers that hire our students, and the industry you’re hoping to enter. They’re friendly and happy to chat, so don’t be shy: Come by Employment Services anytime!

Meet with your future instructors

It’s important, in the world of academics, to get to know your instructors. They are the people who will lead you along the path to your new career, and they are a wonderful source of not only knowledge, but support as well. Working in the college system as they do, and having gone through years of studies themselves, our faculty can advise you and help you succeed. Trillium College Career Coaches can help you put your best foot forward with your soon-to-be instructors. Additionally, you will be able to obtain valuable information about the studies and school experiences awaiting you.

Learn about our financial options

Trillium College’s Student Finance Department can help you find out everything you need to know about obtaining financial aid and paying for your education. Whether you have questions about scholarships, low-interest loans, OSAP, using your RRSPs to pay for schooling or registering as a First Nations student, our financial aid advisors can help you find the funding assistance you need.

Friendly faces are a good thing

No matter how confident you are, starting classes at a new college can seem scary. An appointment with a Career Coach will give you the chance to meet faculty, staff and other students. Your first day of classes will be less nerve-wracking with a few familiar faces around.

Read about our Career Coaches as well as other student services offered at Trillium College here.