It all starts with you. You can start to make a difference in a local community. Be a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on and be the support that people may need.

Have you always thought of yourself as a leader? Are you easy to talk to, approachable, and caring? Is there a fire burning inside of you wanting to impact someone’s life? How about impacting a community? When you graduate from the Community and Developmental Service Worker Program, you will be able to confidently say that you are changing lives and communities and making a difference.

In what ways would you be changing lives and communities? Many!

You play a special role in the process of helping people be the best they can be. However, there is no way to truly determine what exact situations you will take on or be part of as a community and developmental service worker. The role you contribute as a community developmental service worker may vary from others, because every person is different. To put it simply, some people may require a bigger push than others.

As a community and developmental service worker, you work with individuals face-to-face in various situations.

They are not necessarily the easiest situations, but you have the skills and training to do this job effectively and correctly. This could mean interacting with people with addictions, people with mental issues, people with disabilities and more. Everyone has a different story and your job is to help others to continue writing their own.

This amazing career can let you be someone’s advocate.

You can be a voice for someone who has lost theirs. You can help others see a light at the end of a dark tunnel. With the right, positive attitude, a caring personality, a passion to create change, inspire hope and take action, you’re able to truly make a difference in lives and communities!

Are you interested in being an advocate and impacting change in a community as a community and developmental service worker?

Have you been thinking of a career change, but afraid to make the first leap? You can always request information about a program by filling out a form on the program pages, such as the community and developmental service worker program page or simply fill out the one below. Along with requesting more information on the program page, it will also give an overview of the program as well as possible career options and employment opportunities.