Trillium College takes pride in spotlighting Mireille Labelle, our Electrical Instructor at the Niagara campus, whose journey in the electrical trade is deeply rooted in family legacy. Following in the “Red Seal” footsteps of her father and grandfather, Mireille embodies a generational commitment to excellence in electrical craftsmanship.

As a third-generation electrician, Mireille not only brings a wealth of hands-on experience but also a profound sense of familial pride to her role. What makes her story even more remarkable is the potential continuation of this legacy with her son contemplating becoming the fourth generation to embrace the electrical trade!

Mireille’s dedication extends beyond her familial ties; it permeates her teaching philosophy. “I really enjoy teaching the next generation of electricians. I like to spark their curiosity and show them the endless possibilities with energy production/transformation. It’s a very rewarding career. You’re either fixing things or building them, so it’s always rewarding to see the completed projects and/or a plant running smoothly and efficiently,” she shares.

Her passion for both the craft and education makes Mireille Labelle an invaluable asset to Trillium College, inspiring students to not only learn but also to appreciate fantastic women in the trades.

Thanks Mireille!