Being in the medical field is one of the most rewarding careers and industries to be a part of.

While working in healthcare, the industry offers many benefits such as well-paid income, job stability and far from boring work setting. Although there are many different medical professions out there, only a few are aware of the truly important duties of a medical office assistant.

Medical office assistants perform a variety of crucial medical duties. Their daily tasks provide a significant role, as they are the front liners in healthcare. Whether you are planning to enroll in the medical office assistant program or not, read on for the important tasks a MOA has to acquire and why you should consider this as a career!

First, registering patients and arranging clinical procedures.

Before being able to consult with a nurse, doctor, or any other medical professionals, a medical office assistant is the first person a patient meets. The MOA’s first duty is to acquire a patient’s personal information before proceeding with the medical visit. Once the MOA has gathered the patient’s information, he/she will then proceed to transfer the patient into the doctor’s office. This is when and where the doctor can begin to perform clinical procedures. In summary, a MOA is required to prepare the patient through regulated duties prior to the doctor arriving in order to properly complete a patient visit.

 Managing and updating all patient records.

As required, each patient has a file obtaining personal information regarding their medical history. These records are significant because it tracks and includes each patient visit, filed prescriptions, diagnoses etc.. Recording each patient visit after a follow-up appointment is also crucial as it provides updated information for the medical team to understand any previous concerns.

 Overseeing inventory for medical and office supplies.

Having great organizational skills is a quality many medical office assistants should obtain in this profession. Apart from any other tasks, MOA’s can be in charge of overseeing the inventory of supplies that the clinical work setting may need. This will help all medical staff do their job correctly by having the appropriate tools to do so. Other tasks in the medical work setting may consist of:

  • Ordering low stock supplies (medical and office)
  • Replace any materials and equipment (when needed or instructed)
  • Clean and sterilize any medical equipment and instruments
  • Delivering and disposing of any short of supplies

The duties of a MOA offer many important tasks that require the right mindset and skills for this field. If you have a passion to help others, have outstanding organizational skills, and great verbal communication, then you should consider this career. If you are certain you want to work in the medical field, but can’t decide which direction to take, then this a great career to begin with! Working closely with other medical professionals (cardiologist, dermatologist, allergists, etc.) can give you insights into what other medical professionals work duties are like.

 Start your journey today.

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