It’s more than money, corporate companies, suits and ties.

Choosing to study business has become a very popular decision for a lot of students over the past decade. Is there a specific reason why? Maybe, maybe not! All we know is that it is definitely a leading industry with endless opportunities, especially for young talent. It may not look like it from the outside, but if you gave it a bit of your time and a chance, it could actually be for you too.

So what does it mean to study business?

To try and describe the study of business in a few words would be very difficult because there are so many different types and industries within business itself. To name a few; there is finance, marketing, digital marketing, advertising, accounting, business management, economics, human resources, public relations and obviously a lot more. What’s crazy is that there’s even MORE industries within these industries. Do you hear that? Yes, it’s opportunities knocking on your door!

Have you ever heard of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurs? If you haven’t, it is a person who creates, organizes and operates a business (or businesses), usually start-up. In a nut-shell, it is literally taking an idea or vision and turning it into something profitable. They’d manage it and make the right decisions in order execute this, which is essentially how most businesses start(-up). The main skills really needed for business is mostly strategy, communication, and organization. Easy right? Not quite. In order to be successful in business, you really have to master these skills, along with everything else that comes with it. However, everyone must start somewhere. Here is a list of skills that if you have, should definitely consider pursuing a career in the business industry.

You excel in customer service and know how to talk to people.

You are creative.

You are a critical thinker and naturally look for solutions in everyday situations.

You are highly-organized and make use of your time regularly.

You motivate yourself.

You love staying in the know of your city and are usually the go-to person for making plans.

You have a natural knowledge and keen in understanding how companies, brands, and organizations work.

You have a strong presence on digital platforms.

You enjoy writing or create content.

Researching is your thing.

You’re rarely wrong in the decisions that you make.

You have a strong intuition that often doesn’t let you down.

You are a natural presenter.

You enjoy managing money.

Pursuing a business career

The world of business is beautiful because as mentioned, there are opportunities for anyone who is passionate about an idea. It’s no walk in the park, but very rewarding when you’re able to see your idea come to life and make a difference in the industry! This industry is always changing and always welcoming. Interested in pursuing a business career at Trillium College? Explore the Business Management Diploma Program or the Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma Program. Looking for help in careers? Check our Employment Services to help find the career you want with your diploma!