What Grads Are Saying About Our Personal Support Worker Program

Thinking about enrolling in the Personal Support Worker program at Trillium College? Read on to hear what grads (really) say about our program.

Finding a satisfying career:

  • “I was at work in a boring call centre , wanting more for a career.  A co-worker pointed out that I enjoy helping others— why not look into PSW? The next day I went to Trillium College, and the rest was history.” Jackie Mccrea, via Facebook.
  • “My story is like everyone else’s. I needed to change my life because I was in a dead-end job, dead-end relationship, and was totally broke. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Thankfully, I stumbled on Trillium through a friend that finished PSW and got her new job before she even graduated. Over time, I had some ups and downs during school. I was evicted, fighting for custody of my child , and struggling in some courses.
  • I’m happy to say that I’m four weeks from finishing my PSW course and already have been hired. My wage will be more than I’ve ever made in my life. Trillium was there to guide me every step of the way. When I fell, they helped me get up. When I was upset, they made me smile. Most importantly, they taught me what I needed to become a great PSW. Thank you, Trillium College.” Anonymous, via online comment.

Great instructors who care:

  • “From the first day, the staff and instructors were all incredible. They saw potential in every student, and were willing to go the extra mile for those who strove for success. Even during times when things were uncertain, and days were not the best, they were always cheerful, upbeat, and doing their utmost to help students however they could.
  • The instructors were wonderful on both a personal and professional level. Not only did they make the course material interesting and easy to understand, they were willing to provide additional help to those that needed it. They also made sure that each student was prepared for the placements that followed the classroom, and worked with each student individually to ensure their success during their placement.
  • I would highly recommend Trillium College to anyone looking to enter a PSW career (or any other, for that matter). Thanks to their educational and career support, I was able to secure a job in the field before the completion of my final exam! My one regret is not telling the staff there how truly wonderful they are, and how they changed my life for the better.” Shane Belmont, via Facebook

Finding success as a PSW:

  • “The best decision I ever made was going to Trillium College for the Personal Support Worker program! Jobs for PSW are endless—it’s a fast growing field and we will need more in the future. I recommend the program to anyone who has an interest in the growing healthcare field. Thank you Trillium!” David Redfearn, via Facebook
  • “I graduated from Trillium in June 2016 from the PSW program. My teachers (Ms. Tammy especially) and the school’s support team pushed myself and my classmates to excel and because of that we all graduated with excellent grades, most of which were honours.
  • There are so many job opportunities in this field and Trillium helped me find my current job where I’m making great money. I’m so grateful for everything Trillium College did for me.” Erin Rose, via Facebook

Trillium College as a school:

  • “Great location and the staff are very friendly, professional and helpful. I believe the school truly cares that your experience is enjoyable and that you succeed in your career.” Valerie, via online comment
  • “I am currently taking the PSW course at Trillium in Oshawa. My teacher is wonderful and is really helping me to understand the things I am having trouble with! Great school—I would recommend it to anyone wanting to become a PSW.” -Anonymous, via online comment
  • Trillium College loves receiving this kind of feedback from our past and present students. We strive to provide the best Personal Support Worker education and to launch our students into rewarding careers.

Did you know?

Grads of our Personal Support Worker program seek employment in long-term care facilities, hospitals, home care agencies, group homes, respite and palliative care centres. Our graduates will be especially prepared to work with special needs children and senior citizens. This healthcare career will take you far, and has far-reaching benefits—for you and others.

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