Have you been “hemming and hawing” about your next job market step? Or have you been feeling unfulfilled in your current career, yet been unsure of how to make a positive change? Making the decision to enrol in a college program can seem hard, but this choice represents a great step towards a better future. Here are 5 reasons to enrol today (yes, there’s still time!) for Trillium College’s upcoming fall start date:

1. Pride

Imagine telling your friends or family that you’ve decided to go back to school, and change your life for the better. Or imagine seeing the pride in your children’s eyes, when they find out you’ve taken the heroic step to become a paramedic, Community Service Worker—or someone else who plays an invaluable role in promoting community well-being. People admire a person who is brave enough to better themselves—and the world around them.

2. Pride of self

Can you imagine what it will feel like to graduate, in as few as 25 weeks, as a Personal Support Worker and help people in need? Or can you see yourself as a Medical Office Assistant, supporting our medical professionals as they care for members of the community? So many of us end up in unfulfilling jobs—simply because we need to pay the bills and can’t imagine a better alternative. Trillium College offers a number of programs that will give you the training you need to become a Community Hero—soon.

3. A higher salary

Educated candidates are more likely to get the salary they want than those without training. According to Employment and Social Development Canada, Canadians with a college diploma earn as much as $23,000 more per year than those with only a high school education. If we’re looking at relative paycheques over a lifetime, PayScale’s “Colleges Worth Your Investment” ranking notes that a college graduate will make $560,000 more than a high school graduate, and $860,000 more than a high school drop out.

4. Time is precious

There’s truth to be found in the saying, “time flies.” Because private career colleges offer specialized training and prepare you to step into a specific career field, no time is wasted teaching you things you don’t really need to know. Through focused hands-on and practical training, career colleges like Trillium College give you the skills you actually need—without demanding you do added months, or even years, of schooling. By enrolling in a program of your choice during our next start date, you could emerge workplace-ready in as little as 25 weeks’ time, depending on your area of study.

5. Convenience

Trillium College has 8 campuses around the GTA. With locations in St. Catharines, Oshawa, Burlington, Peterborough, Ottawa and downtown Toronto, we’ve made it easier for our students to get the education they need right now.

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