Five Ways to Kickoff Your Career As An Esthetician

What’s stopping you from beginning your well-deserved career as an esthetician? Whether it is fear of failure, or lack of confidence, we understand how it feels starting a brand new career. You completed your education and now somehow the world looks even bigger than when you first began your studies. However, do not let fear of the unknown stop you from chasing your dreams! You officially have the skills and knowledge you need to be an esthetician. Thus, it’s time to kickoff your well-deserved career.

You may find yourself eager to jump into any job available, but it’s important to be prepared. You have rightfully and thoughtfully earned your diploma from the Esthetics & Spa Operations Program, and now it’s time to find the right job! Before doing so, you will want to ensure you have everything you need beyond your classroom knowledge to impress future employers. Use our tips below to kickoff your career within the thriving esthetics and spa industry.

1. Narrow your skill set.

While in school you had the opportunity to learn a variety of skills, tasks, and practices within the esthetics and spa operations industry. Whether it was makeup application, nail art, skin treatment, and probably more, you will want to choose an area of focus and practice. This will not only make it easier to perfect your skills, but it will establish a specific market for you to conquer in. Trying to master and offer multiple types of services on your own can be overwhelming. As you begin to kickoff your career, you should begin by becoming proficient in one skill set and expand more services later on in your career.

2. Create a business card.

Be ready for any opportunity with a business card. First impressions are important and with a business card you can surely impress future employers, technicians, stylists, etc. Create a business card including your contact information with a design that reflects who you are. Get to know your local esthetics community online and in person. Be sure to keep a few business cards with you at all times because you never know when an opportunity may arise!

3. Have a stellar resume.

Kickoff the job of your dreams by creating a memorable resume. There are various ways to design and format resumes, but feel free to let it reflect who you are as well. If you are unsure of what to include in your resume, start with the basics:

  • Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • References

A simple search online can provide great examples of specific industry resumes, including a resume template for esthetics. Also be sure to double check your work. We recommend having one or more people to proof-read your work. PRO TIP: Include a cover letter when applying to a specific job!

4. Showcase your services.

Show off your work visually using a website or social media page. Begin taking pictures of your work or work from the past, as well as posting relevant content. Building and sharing content can give others an exclusive inside look at your work and your creative side. Furthermore, showcasing your work and services is also a great way to begin growing clientele by sharing all you have to offer and all you are capable of providing. Showcasing your services can not only be fun, but is impressive from an employer’s perspective by showing how well prepared you are.

5. Practice and learn!

There is always room for improvement. As you prepare to kickoff your career and eventually advance in your career, you can always make time to learn more. Having the education and certification is mandatory, but learning anything else is a bonus. Get to know your esthetics community and feel free to learn a thing or two from fellow estheticians, beauticians, stylists and plenty of other professionals. Some communities are known to provide master classes at esthetic companies where you can even further a specific skill set. Plus, anything else you learn or certify in can be added to your resume and make you more reputable.


So, don’t let anything get in the way between you and your career in esthetics! The esthetics industry is constantly growing and changing. With so many beauty trends evolving and spreading, the need for esthetic professionals is definitely increasing. If you want to kickoff your career in the world of beauty, check out our Esthetics & Spa Operations Program here.