Trillium College’s PSW diploma program can lead you to the career of your dreams!

Trying to find a career that will both make you happy and cover your costs of living can seem like a difficult task. Wouldn’t it be great if the job of your dreams would make itself known – and if there were easy instructions to follow to achieve your dreams? Becoming a Personal Support Worker is the answer to many career-minded, caring people’s job wishes, and Trillium College’s Personal Support Worker program is helping them train to excel in this growing field. Here are five reasons becoming a PSW might be right for you:

1. You have a chance to help your community

People often wish they could “make a difference.” As a PSW, you really can. From helping clients bathe, eat and take the proper amounts of medication. To being the all-important person they confide in and trust, you’ll play a major role in restoring your clients happiness, health and dignity.

2. It’s rewarding, and makes you feel good

Ever noticed how good it feels to help friends and family, or even a stranger? It’s proven that helping others helps us feel our best too and it is an important part of a PSW’s daily routine.

3. There is a growing demand in the field

Ontario’s baby boomers are aging, our hospitals are full and the home care sector is one that – as The Globe and Mail’s Tavia Grant puts it – “can’t keep up with demand” (2012). Not only this, but almost half of all PSWs are 50 to 59-years-old, and will be retiring soon (CRNCC & PSNO, 2009). There couldn’t be a better time to step into the field!

4. You can be proud of your career

Trillium College’s PSWs enter a profession they can be proud of. They work alongside medical professionals in a range of health care settings, like long-term care homes, hospitals and individuals’ homes, restoring well-being and dignity to the sick.

5. You won’t waste time as a PSW

Four-year university programs take a long time to complete. Often enough, there is unfortunately no defined job at the end of the tunnel. Trillium College’s Personal Support Worker diploma program has its graduates fully prepared to enter the PSW field in 25 weeks.

There’s no better time to become a PSW. Click here to learn more about Trillium’s PSW diploma program and support your community now!