Trillium College is proud to feature our instructor Jodi Konick as we celebrate the new Early Childcare Assistant program!  Jodi has recently joined Team Trillium with a 20+ year career in early childhood education and care behind her.

ECA is a new program at Trillium College and, as always, our goal is to ensure that our students will be prepared with all knowledge required to start in their chosen career!  

Early childhood education and care is a highly regulated and structured environment, it is fundamentally important for new graduates entering the workplace to be fully capable and confident in their ability to support their team and children in their care.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to be an Early Childhood Assistant, check out our interview with Jodi Konick below!


(Q) How did you become interested in this field?

(A) I had young children of my own and wanted to be able to have a career where I was able to spend more time with them!

(Q) How did you begin your career?

(A) I took a 2 year Early Childhood Education program when I decided to pursue the career and utilized it to open my daycare business.

(Q) What skills, abilities, and personal attributes are essential to be an Early Childhood Assistant?

(A) Anyone considering a career in Early Childhood care needs to be someone who respects the process and accepts the responsibilities that are outlined! In addition to this understanding, it’s somewhere we have fun! A positive attitude with a sharp attention to detail is a winning combination for a new graduate in the field. 

(Q) What are your main responsibilities as an Early Childhood Assistant?

(A) Child engagement and observations are first and foremost! Beyond that; Communication with parents, mandatory documentation and cleaning! We are accountable to the children themselves, their parents as well as the Regional & Provincial regulations. 

(Q) What kinds of problems do you deal with?

(A) Working closely with families it is hard to not be impacted by the life changes or events that occur and impact the child. Supporting children and each other in difficult times is not a problem, though it is something to be aware of! In addition to emotional support, we must be prepared to react to any physical sickness that can impact a child and make sure they are fully taken care of.

(Q) What are some common career paths in this field?

(A) A new graduate could work in in a daycare setting supporting children of all ages, or they could also be hired into the public school system. There is an ability for a private home daycare to be opened as well!

(Q) What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter this field?

(A) Reflect fully to be sure you are ready for the responsibility! Do you have the interest in supporting little minds, and the patience and care required to assist each child individually? Do you feel prepared personally to be a supportive figure for a young mind? Beyond being ready emotionally; being prepared with baseline knowledge of what to expect is key to being successful!