So, you’ve been researching the Personal Support Worker field and wondering about making a career change. You’ve read that PSWs are lucky heroes of sorts, who help the sick, have job schedule flexibility and work in an industry facing growing demand. But do you really have what it takes to be a PSW? At Trillium College, we teach our PSW diploma program students the importance of these 5 traits:

1. Positivity

Sometimes it’s hard for the sick and elderly to stay positive. Pain and loneliness can be realities for the unwell, and an important part of a PSW’s job is lending a helping hand – both physically and mentally. As a PSW, your positivity makes a world of difference.

2. Physical Strength

While you don’t have to be a legendary strongman (or woman!) to become a PSW, physical strength is an asset. PSWs assist immobile or physically restricted individuals on a regular basis, lifting them out of bed, into the bath, and so forth. It helps to be strong – or at least in good shape – as a PSW!

3. Compassion and Patience

Can you imagine how hard it must be to need others’ help to eat, bathe, or go to the washroom? You can? Well, that suggests you have empathy. And, with empathy, comes patience. People who need PSWs often face extreme physical and/or mental limitations due to illness or age. It’s your job to help them live the best lives they can – without fear or embarrassment.

4. Team Work Skills

No matter where you choose to work, be it a long-term care home (LTC), hospital or individual’s house, you’ll need both independent and team work skills. As a valuable member of our health care system, you’ll have to work alongside medical professionals and the clients you represent!

5. Organization Skills

Visiting multiple clients’ homes, helping them take the right medications and coordinating with other health care professionals: all this takes organization, which is an important skill for a PSW to have.

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