It’s a typical day at the Trillium College Kingston Campus

I’ve arrived early for my 8:30 am class and Stephanie, the administrative assistant, who doubles as the first smiling face most of us see every day, has arrived even before me to open the campus. I have the option of taking the elevator up to our second floor campus, but most days I take the stairs.

Our campus is freshly renovated with bright colours that are easy on the eyes and good for lifting one’s spirits on a snowy day.

I stop at my locker to change out of my winter boots, then proceed to the student lounge to pick up the assignment I sent from home last night to the dedicated student printer. I make a tea and check on the fish. Some days I stay here for a bit to study or visit with friends.

Fresh tea in hand, I head to class. On my way, I am greeted with a friendly smile and a “How Are You?” by both faculty and other students. My classes are small; right now we are between four to 10 students, so there is lots of one-one time with our instructors and very open in-class discussions about what we are learning.

The Trillium College Services

From the day I first met with a Career Coach to discuss the application process, this campus has felt like home. It’s not huge, but it offers everything a student needs. The Financial Aid team made the process of applying for O.S.A.P. easy and worry-free. From day one, a faculty member will always make sure we find our classrooms and have all the support we need.

That support is very diverse. We have an Employment Services Coordinator who does so much more than her job title would lead you to believe. She is there to help with resume-writing, job searching and even facilitating our placements; not to mention being warm and approachable. We also have a Student Resource Coordinator who is here to help us with our own mental health and any struggles we may be experiencing in either our personal or professional lives. She is easy to talk to, confidential, and a great listener, no matter what we need to talk about.

“Coming to Trillium College in Kingston was the best decision I have made.”

Now that our class is over, it’s time for a Student Council meeting. I have been a part of the council since I first started classes in August and we have a lot of fun. So far we’ve fed our students lunches, given them treats, arranged fun theme days, been a part of the Santa Claus Parade, and provided gifts for all of the students’ children during our Holiday Party. Participating in the council has given me the opportunity to meet people in other programs that will remain life-long friends and connections.

Coming to Trillium College in Kingston was the best decision I have made. I have already made connections in the area I wish to work and I’m continuing to expand my network, even though it’s still 10 months from graduation.

My name is Tracy and I am a student in the Community Developmental Service Worker program at Trillium College, Kingston. When you get here, come find me and I would be happy to extend the same warm welcome I have received.