What Does a Community and Developmental Service Worker Do?

As a graduate of Trillium College’s Community and Developmental Service Worker (CDSW) diploma program, your opportunities will span nearly all aspects of human services.

A service worker is trained to help those who struggle with a variety of social challenges. Here are just a few careers options available to graduates of our Community and Developmental Service Worker diploma program.

Life skills instructor

Life skills instructors work one-on-one or in small groups to help those with unique challenges develop basic life skills– such as cooking, basic hygiene, and money management skills. This helps these individuals gain independence and move forward in life.

Community development worker

A community development worker works to help those who are marginalized or excluded from society to integrate into their community. Their work helps to create social change and improve the quality of life for those who are otherwise overlooked.

Crisis intervention worker

Crisis intervention workers counsel people in distress. They help those in danger of harming themselves or others; support those undergoing acute mental health crises; and help those affected by terror attacks or natural disasters.

Program Coordinator

Program coordinators run community-based social programs and services. They assess a community’s needs and then develop group programs to meet these needs. These programs could be in the area of legal help, medical attention, financial assistance, housing, employment, transportation, and more.

Family service worker

A family social worker can help to restore harmony by providing services to families in crisis. Their work varies, depending on the clients they serve. These workers work with clients and other professionals to develop a treatment plan; coordinate services provided to clients by their or other organizations; research community services available to their clients; help clients fill out application paperwork; and monitor clients to ensure that their family gets the help they need.

Group home worker

Group home workers act as a liaison. They communicate between the resident and law enforcement agencies; families; social service agencies; and community organizations to update these parties of the status of the resident. They also monitor the behavior of residents, help to resolve disputes and teach residents basic quality-of-life life skills such as hygiene, meal preparation, taking medications, cleaning the home, and going to work.

Mental health worker

Mental health workers are responsible for providing support, counselling and services to individuals and families experiencing mental health issues. This includes early intervention strategies, mental health education and advocacy and relapse prevention work.

Addictions worker

Addictions workers provide individual or group therapy to individuals struggling with addiction. These workers counsel patients and work with a patient’s family members or close friends. They participate in orientation sessions, informational programs and/or dependency prevention initiatives.

Do you have a strong desire to assist others and make a true difference? A career as a Community and Developmental Service Worker will be a rewarding, satisfying career. Start today!

At Trillium College, our Community and Development Service Worker program gives you the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to offer support as a community service worker. Learn the skills needed to properly work alongside social workers who assists people of all ages with mental and/or physical disabilities or who face challenges with mental health and/or addictions.