Career Paths With High Demand: Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Supply Chain Management & Logistics is essential to industries worldwide, in fact, the supply chain industry is responsible for $26 trillion per year globally and is only forecasted to increase in demand. (Elementum, 2018) This industry requires focused, driven and smart individuals who are organized. There are not enough qualified people for the amount of jobs that are available since companies allocate a large percentage of funds towards their product being manufactured, moved and stored. Although Supply Chain Management (SCM) has been around for decades, it has evolved with the demand for new products and booming industries.

Globalization is the reason for the expansion of the supply chain demands since companies are outsourcing their manufacturing to other countries to cut costs. However, this creates a more complex supply chain which means supply chain management needs to be educated properly to keep up with the more complicated system to make the correct decisions. Therefore, SCM is needed now more than ever to supply companies with quality products and services in a timely manner.

Individuals in this field are required to have thorough knowledge of procurement combined with understanding of politics, trade, taxation, and customs. The work of SCM does not stop at understanding how the supply chain works. Nonetheless, these individuals play many different roles during a day to keep the flow continuous and beneficial. Ultimately, a supply chain involves multiple facets and qualities such as operations and procurement that keep a company running smoothly, while logistics focuses on the coordination and movement of goods.

Career Paths With High Demand: Supply Chain Management & Logistics

There is a shortage of institutions who are dispensing the correct education to succeed with this career path. Above all, students need to be educated but they also need to be prepared for hectic situations, complicated procedures, and ways to deal with real life situations to correctly prepare them for the demands of this career. Not many people make the decision to enter this field of work at college level for lack of knowledge and lack of glamour.

Does this career sound exciting? Here are a couple signs you have a bright future in this industry:

You are fantastic at organizing and planning

Effective supply chain management requires top-notch organization to ensure none of the steps in the process are missed or overseen. Whether you are determining logistics or scheduling delivery, organization and planning are key as a manager to execute day-to-day business.

You meet deadlines with no issues

“A supply chain is the connected network of individuals, organizations, resources, activities, and technologies involved in the manufacture and sale of a product or service.” (Hayes, 2019) Following the plan or strategy to deliver a product or service is crucial to the process. All steps in the SCM process must be met in order to be successful. The ability to meet deadlines is a crucial skill.

You know how to problem solve and are pro-active

As a supply chain manager, apart from following logistics to deliver products or services, you are also expected to use strategy. This includes minimizing shortages, keeping costs down, and even making recommendations to improve overall productivity for efficiency. If you are always thinking critically or great at solving problems efficiently, SCM might just be right for you.

So, if these listed qualities match with your own, we encourage you to explore a career in the growing industry of Supply Chain Management & Logistics! Are you ready to start a new career in Supply Chain Management & Logistics? Fill out the form below to get started in the Supply Chain Management program today. Our knowledgeable Career Coaches will contact you to answer all your questions and guide you to the career best for you.