It’s scary to take risks. At least, it can be for some people. The thought of putting one’s best efforts into something, only to have a project or hope fall at one’s feet, is an unhappy vision.

But what about when things work out for the better?

The fact is, when it comes to education, there can be both good and bad risks. Here are some of the chances you should – and shouldn’t – take when it comes to your education.

Bad Risk = Enrolling without thinking of how you’re going to pay tuition vs.
Good Risk = Enrolling after speaking with our representatives about financial support

It’s a truth: Going to college can be expensive. The good thing is a lot of aid exists out there, from low interest student loans to our Trillium College scholarships. Such aid may help you succeed without the burden of broken finances.

Bad Risk = Enrolling in a program with no defined job outcome vs.
Good Risk = Enrolling in a program that prepares you for a specific career

Here lies the essential debate about general vs. specialized education. Many enrol in four-year degree programs thinking classes in the humanities – apparently chosen at random – will make them good job market candidates. A specialized college education, on the other hand, gives you a set curriculum designed to give you the practical and theoretical skills for success in a specific industry or role. It’s always good to have a plan!

Bad Risk = Dropping out because you’re feeling stressed vs.
Good Risk = Setting aside time to speak with our caring staff

Work-life balance seems hard to find sometimes, doesn’t it? Like it or not, however, pressure’s a normal element of human life. Dropping out because you’re stressed is a bad risk: Can you imagine giving up the dream that first made you enrol – the thought of a better career and more rewarding life that you envisioned lying at the end of your educational path? It’s better to discuss your worries with Trillium College’s supportive instructors and staff. Or make use of our Student Support Program. We’ve got you covered when it comes to lending a helpful ear or hand.

So, life is full of risks – it’s true – but tackling some challenges can move us forward, while others can set us back. The fact is, in life, it’s hard to know for sure what’s a wrong or right choice. All we can do is stay as informed and positive as possible, reach out to our instructors and Trillium College staff when we need to, hold our breath…and jump in!

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