So you’ve decided to make a positive change in your life. After reviewing a list of your local career college’s programs, you’ve chosen a course of study that suits your dreams and goals. You’ve taken some important steps along an exciting path to new opportunities, but – as with any adventure – you need the right fuel to support your efforts and maximize your potential.

Here are 5 Trillium College tips for starting your daily learning journey off right:

1. Eat breakfast

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet so many people – in a rush to get the kids ready for school or get to work – miss this important morning meal.

Eating a healthy breakfast gives you the energy you need for a successful day. As the Mayo Clinic’s Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D., notes, it also keeps you from feeling uncontrollably hungry later on so you can make better food choices throughout the day, and helps stabilize your insulin levels, which can contribute to maintaining a healthy body weight.

2. Get exercise

Contrary to what some people think, going for a brisk walk or jog doesn’t sap your energy. In fact, it gives you more. Being active releases chemicals in the brain that may help you feel happier, more confident and energized. Of course, when you’re in a good frame of mind, projects seem less daunting and you’re able to stay focused longer. The Mayo Clinic recommends a 30-minute brisk walk or gym workout to encourage the above-listed effects.

3. Affirmations

Affirmations – good words that you repeat to yourself to stay positive and boost confidence – are a great thing to do in the morning. In The Psychology of Change, Stanford University’s Geoffrey L. Cohen and the University of California’s David K. Sherman write that, “Timely affirmations have been shown to improve education, health, and relationship outcomes, with benefits that sometimes persist for months and years.” So start talking to yourself, and talking to yourself with a lot of positivity, today. Some good affirmations for career college students could be, “I’m smart and hardworking” or “I have what it takes to succeed!”

4. Make a list

There’s nothing worse than starting your day feeling disorganized. With a pen and paper or your smartphone, jot down the things you need to accomplish during the day. It helps if you put down the time you estimate each task will take to complete, and put a number beside each item to remind yourself of its priority level. List-making can help you visualize what you need to get done when, and systematically accomplish the goals you need to in order to be successful in your day, week – and program.

5. Get started!

You’ve eaten right, done your stretches, and repeated your affirmations. Now what more is there to do? Get started!

Procrastination is the chief killer of time and good intentions. Many people procrastinate because they’re afraid of starting a seemingly large task. Once you’ve jumped in, though, you’re part way there! And, by simply starting, you can reduce the feelings of guilt and shame that tend to creep up on those who delay – and that cause unnecessary and sometimes paralyzing stress.

Start your day right with these 5 tips and reach your goals with as little stress – and as much energy and positivity – as possible.