Personal Support Workers support our sick and elderly. PSWs go to people’s homes, lift the immobile from their beds, and help clients take medicine correctly. Most importantly, perhaps, PSWs provide an ear for the lonely.

Trillium College-trained PSWs are in demand – but are male grads especially so? Here are 5 points to consider:

1. Client comfort can’t be ignored

Ontarians agree that people shouldn’t be hired – or fired – because of gender. The fact is, though, some clients feel more comfortable being helped by members of their own sex. Don’t believe this? Well, check online: While there’s a wealth of PSW jobs advertised, a number read, “Male PSWs Required…”

2. Baby boomers

We’ve heard over and over that the baby boomers are aging. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning here because, as more Ontarians enter their declining years, PSWs will experience growth in demand. The Canadian Home Care Association reports in-home care needs rose 55% in the past five years, and seniors represented the bulk of this increase.

On the other hand, 45% of PSWs are in their 50’s or older. According to the Canadian Research Network for Care in the Community (CRNCC), many will retire in the coming 15 years. Opportunities for PSWs of both sexes will continue to grow and grow, and Trillium College is helping our province meet that demand.

3. Strength

While only fossilized thinking casts all men as strong and women as weak – men’s added muscle mass and stature can help in the PSW profession. Remember, physically assisting the immobile is a big part of this career!

4. Underrepresentation to Equal Representation

Did you know that, in 2009, only 3% of PSWs were male? (CRNCC & PSNO, 2009). It’s time to fill the gap – and many employers are happy to help “even the playing field.”

So, while it’s safest to say opportunities have grown – and are growing – for PSWs of both sexes, there are certainly some strong reasons men should step into this noble field. Become a PSW now and support your community! Learn more about our Personal Support Worker program.