Besides the knowledge and understanding it takes to become a medical office assistant, many other different traits and qualities exist that are required for the job too.

If you’re beginning the Medical Office Assistant Program at Trillium College– or interested in it – you are definitely at the right place! We pride ourselves in being passionate about what we have to offer for students, which is nothing but the best.

A day in the life of a MOA can’t be described as relaxed or easy-going. Like a lot of jobs out there, with more work comes more responsibility. There are many responsibilities, duties and tasks that happen throughout the day. What makes this type of job so unique is that no day is the same. If you have not learned this already, being a MOA requires you to sort of be a jack-of-all-trades. Medical components, clinical, office and even physical components can be required in the job.

Being in the medical administrative field requires a few other components as well, other traits to be exact. Employers know that you have the education credentials, but they also want to see some extra qualities that they know makes a good MOA and this is what they are:

1. Patience

As mentioned, a lot of days on the job are not the same. One day it could be slow, other days you may find yourself at a fast pace. When working at clinics or hospitals, you interact with many different people, including patients; everyone wants answers! A lot can be expected from a medical office assistant whether it is from the health care providers or the patients. It is important to keep a cool ground. The calmer and more patient you are, the better you are able to do your job not just for yourself but for the workplace also.

2.  Communication

The ability to communicate properly and effectively is important. A long with patience, comes confidence. This means being confident; it comes through in your actions, what you say and basically what you show yourself to be to patients, co-workers and the public alike. Communication is key across all spectrums. This could include delivering key messages through your administrative work and communicating correct information to health care providers and patients.

3. Organization

Days can get pretty hectic and all of a sudden, the thing you were supposed to do gets pushed back because of something else that came in. Being organized plays a key factor in how to manage all the tasks a MOA may be in charge of. What does organization mean? It means knowing how to prioritize your tasks and take initiative to try and create a productive environment for yourself and everyone else.

4. Positive and Energetic

Though this trait can be forgotten or swept under the rug to some employers, it’s an important trait to have. It’s always nice to see a positive attitude or smile in any workplace. It can make such a huge difference in the medical field when certain days aren’t so bright for some patients. There are good days and there are bad days but being able to smile through it all makes it special!

5. Pro-active

Being pro-active is another word for taking initiative, such as taking things into your own hands. It means doing something without having to be told to do it. It is like being one step ahead of everyone else. Know what is expected of you and of your role as a MOA, then go ahead and do it. Note, you should only do this if you are confident in what you are doing. If you are unsure of an answer or how to do something, asking questions is always great and very important.

6. Empathetic

Empathy means the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Often, the medical field is also known to have an area where you must put your emotions aside and focus on the work needed. This is true, but only in certain situations. If your role as a medical office assistant is to deal with patients, then being empathetic is a good trait to have. You are able to treat everyone equally and with the proper care that they deserve.

The career of a medical office assistant can be very promising, in terms of salary and lifestyle! Many MOA’s have been able to find a job after graduating their respective programs and are happy with their jobs. Trillium College believes in creating strong knowledge for every single student in every program. With career coaches and the staff who keep students’ goals in mind every day, it is no doubt that Trillium College believe our students are the best.