Why do you believe coming to Trillium College will change your life?

I will be a community support worker, who will set a difference in my community. Attending Trillium College will change not only my life, But the life of my 8 year old daughter. Being a single mom who dropped out of high school at the age of 16, left a abusive relationship, lived with anxiety, depression and Living on low income. I knew my life needed to change. Not only financially, but I needed to set goals, and examples for my child and myself. Attending trillium college would help me with reaching my goals I have set. They will help by offering me the skills and attitudes necessary to administer and implement a large variety of social and community service programs. Skills in client assessment, first aid and CPR , proper referral procedure, family dynamics and 288 workplace training hours in the field. With Trillium college great credentials, Teachers who care with small class room sizes and work by modules, I know I can achieve my goals and get a college diploma and become a community service worker. My dreams and goals star with attending Trillium College. Vanessa, St. Catharines, Community Service Worker
I will be providing a better life for my children. Growing up, I didn’t have the support that I needed to develop the confidence that most other people my age had naturally. My house was chaotic – with a mother who had so many of her own issues that she turned a blind eye to the abuse that I was dealing with at the hands of my stepfather. I left at the age of 16, and never looked back, but I’ve struggled ever since. Trillium College will, and has, given me the confidence that I need to be a confident & strong mother to my children, who deserve it. Courtney, Oshawa, Accounting and Payroll
In my near future I see myself supporting my family as a medical lab technician. For the most part, my children gave me the drive to want to improve our lives. After some research, I decided that the medical laboratory technician program at Trillium college was the program for me. I can see myself going very far with this program and doing great things for my family as a whole. Kaiti, Oshawa, Medical Laboratory Technician
I will be supporting my two children and community by being an esthetician. At 16 years old I dropped out of high school with no hopes or admirations of ever returning. At 16 I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child after living in a shelter for 2 months & being in a abusive relationship. 2 years later I became pregnant again and yet again was left to take care of my children alone. Being a single mom and trying to find a job is nearly impossible with no help. After many years of self doubt I brought my self to Trillium to finally make a life for myself & my kids. Kaleigh, Oshawa, Esthetics  
My Vision Is to upgrade from a psw to a medical labratory technician to earn a confortable income to raise my children and grandchildren. I believe that trillium college will offer me the skills I need as a medical laboratory technician to upgrade my skills in the medical field so that I can earn a higher income and still work closely with the public which I enjoy. It will also help me change my life for the better as well as my Childrens and grandchildrens since I am the sole provider for them. It will give me the chance to earn a higher income And allow me to provide more opportunities for my children that I raise. Lena, Oshawa, Medical Laboratory Technician
I want to provide happy smiles for my family, friends, and community 🙂 I believe attending school at Trillium will better myself as a person. All my life I’ve wanted to help and provide for my family, growing up I lived with a family of seven, and I knew it was hard on my parents trying to provide for that many. So I promised I would work my hardest and study hard to give my family a good life. My parents said to me “don’t do it for us, but do it for your sisters, so you guys can keep going and have a good life”. This is a promise to myself and my parents. Melanie, Oshawa, Intra Oral Dental Assisting
I can’t wait to support my community as a personal support worker. I believe that Trillium College will change my life in many positive ways. Trillium College will change my life as I will have a higher education level, and I will learn new things everyday that I never knew about before. I believe that attending Trillium College will change my life as it’ll help me to become a better person today. Trillium College will also change my life because I know once I’ve completed the program I will have a fabulous future in the end and also a great job. Katelyn, Oshawa, Personal Support Worker
I will be helping people at a local chiropractor’s office. I decided on Trillium College when I realized I wasn’t going to go anywhere working in a call center. I have been in that cycle for 7 years and it is time to make a change for the better. Trillium will give me the skills to do what I want to do in life instead of coasting along the easy route. I am tired of feeling overworked, stressed out and underpaid. Through Trillium College I can better my situation permanently, not just for the next few months because I’ll be doing what I want to do. Amanda, St. Catharines, Massage Therapy
This field will give me the opportunity to be able to help people of all walks of life. My husband Bill went through a coronary artery bypass graft procedure this past January, and at this time I was in a MOA program with Trillium College Oshawa Campus. I was able to watch and observe the various devices they used on him. I started to think how cool it would be to fully understand this process. What my husband went through and he is doing much better now, has had a profound impact on me. This has infected me in such a way that I am now enrolled in the Medical Lab Technician program. Laura, Oshawa, Medical Laboratory Technician
Providing relief and easing pain to the public as a massage therapist. After years of seeing my Mom suffer the efforts of fibromyalgia, and knowing the relief she gets from massages, I decided to look into going back to school for a position in the same field. It was perfect timing to change my career and help others at the same time. Tim, Oshawa, Massage Therapy
I will be proudly helping elderly’s as a PSW. Coming to Trillium will change my life in many different ways but the most will be me showing my daughter that her mother can finish school even when I Had her at an young age. That being a single young mother doesn’t mean it’s over , and to show her to always no matter what help others. I can’t wait to finish an become a PSW. Jennifer, Oshawa, Personal Support Worker   I would be supporting and protecting my community as a security officer. Trillium College will change my life as for the last five years since I graduated high school I have been struggling to get my life in order. I graduated high school with almost no idea what or where I wanted to be, and thought I could play life with my high school diploma. The last year or so I have been looking into various jobs that all have said something along the lines of “need police foundations or equivalent” for the application. It was enough of a hint that this is what I needed to do. Christopher, Oshawa, Police Foundations
I was accepted by Trillium college,Now I see a very bright future. After my visit to Trillium College, I felt even more excited then before my appt. a friend told me about Trillium College. I researched it & booked appt.I’m taking network administrator. The class are small, so that means more detail to teaching. I’m eager and ready to start. Taking this course will add a new chapter to my life. With the things I learn I will be able prosper in life. Thank you Trillium College for giving me a chance at “change”. Michael, Oshawa, Network Administrator
I will be using my skills to care for others and provide for my family. I’m 30 years old & I’ve finally decided what I want to do with my life. I’ve been searching for a way to care for & heal others & I have toyed with the idea of massage in the past. As I considered it as a career, I decided it was the right one for me. Trillium is giving me the opportunity to launch the rest of my life. I’m the mother of a young child, my husband and I have lived with his parents for 2 years to scrape some money together & here I stand, poised to start learning about my career. Casey, Oshawa, Massage Therapy
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