School of Health Sciences

Trillium College offers a wide variety of health-related career programs. From dental to medical to massage therapy and more, there is definitely a course of study for anyone interested in this continually in-demand field.

School of Social Sciences

Do you wish to serve your community as a career? If you have a desire to help others, a career in one of the Social Science courses at Trillium College may be the perfect fit for you. Offering a diploma program in community services, and an exclusive police foundations training course, the start of a unique and rewarding career lies ahead for you.

School of Business

Career opportunities are endless in the business world, and the place to start is at Trillium College. With diploma programs in everything from accounting and administration to business management, get the ‘executive treatment’ at a School of Business at Trillium College.

School of Technology

One thing that is universal in today’s world is the always advancing, forever growing world of technology, and Trillium College is keeping up with the demand for recruits. Whether it is the intensive skill of a network administrator or the cutting-edge, colorful task of a video game designer, Trillium College has the state-of-the-art diploma program to choose from.

What’s it like to enroll as a student at Trillium College?

Well, the best people to hear from would be our staff and students! Take a look.